Saddle River Youth Theatre - at Archer Hall 201-825-8805
Audition Sides - "Les Miserables SE"
There are no dialogue sides for this show because it is essentially opera-like. Below is a list of character songs - please limit whatever portion you sing of the song to one minute:

( If you're using a phone to play an mp3 or youtube video, please make sure it
is the  "Les Miserables - School Edition" version.) Otherwise know, that at the
audition we will have the reference and instrumental versions available on cd.

Young Cosette/Young Eponine "Castle On A Cloud"
Gavroche "Little People"
Valjean "Bring Him Home"
Marius  "Empty Chairs"
Cosette "In My Life" (begins "How strange this feeling that my life's...")
Eponine "A Little Fall Of Rain"
Fantine/Factory Girls "I Dreamed A Dream"
Javert/Bishop "Stars"
Madame Thenardier "Waltz of Treachery" "What to do, what to say..."
Thenardier "Master of the House"
Enjolras/Students "Do You Hear The People Sing?

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